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Submissions & Drafts

2nd R&R                          For a Maximum Wage? The Role of Left Labour in Moderating CEO Pay, Socio-Economic Review (with Renira Angeles)

submitted                       Austerity for the Win? The Effect of Fiscal Consolidation on Political Support for the Government, with Evelyne Huebscher and Thomas Sattler

R&R                     Is Job Security an Insider Privilege? Public Opinion on Labor Law in Latin America, with Sarah Berens

Manuscript                     Do you feel like an insider? Job Security and Preferences for Flexibilisation across Europe, With Anil Duman






Manuscript                     Human Progress and Public Policy. How to unleash the productivity of human diversity

2009                                Taxing Workers on Low Wages: The Political Origins and Economic Consequences of Taxing Low Wages, Edward Elgar.

2004                                Eurozone Enlargement – Exploring Uncharted Waters (Bolle, Michael et al. eds.), Berliner Wissenschaftsverlag.


In peer-reviewed journals

Fc.                                Symposium on the Politics of New Labor Market Divides in Political Science Research Methods, with David Rueda and Silja Haeussermann

Fc.                         Explaining the Rise in Redistributive Pensions in Developing Countries, Review of Development Economics (with Michael Neugart)

2017                               Under-Designing Climate Change Policy in Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning Special Issue edited by Moshe Maor and Jale Tosun (with Michael Howlett)

2017                                   Left Without a Choice? Why Left Politicians Accept VAT as a Source of Revenue (Socio-Economic Review)

2016                      European Aid and Trade in African Public Opinion, Development Policy Research (with Thilo Bodenstein)

2016                                Anti-Immigrant Sentiment in Latin America, International Migration Review Fall, 1-37 (with Covadonga Meseguer)

2016                                The End of Work or Work Without End?, Journal of Public Policy 36/1, 109-138.

2015                                A Paradox of Redistribution in International Aid? World Development 76, 359-369 (with Thilo Bodenstein)

2015                                The Comparative Political Economy of Regional Transport Infrastructure Investment in Europe, Journal of Comparative Economics. 43/1, 227-239. (with Andreas Stephan)

2014                                How Labour Ended Up Taxing Itself. The Long-Term Evolution of the Politics in German Labour Taxation, Journal of European Social Policy 24/2, 150-163.

2012                                Ripples in a Rising Tide. Why some regions receive more EU Structural Funds than others. European Integration Online Papers 16 (with Thilo Bodenstein).

2011                                Accelerating Down the Hill: Why the EU accelerates Corporate Tax Competition Journal of Common Market Studies 49/3, 1-22 (with Philipp Genschel and Eric Seils)

2010                                Does Europeanisation Lead to Convergence? The Role of the Single Market in Shaping National Tax Policies, Journal of European Public Policy 17/7, 1058-1073.

2009                                Public Pensions and Lobbying in European Journal of Political Economy, European Journal of Political Economy 25(2): 163-173. (with Michael Neugart)

2009                                The Regulation of Redistribution, West European Politics Special Issue on The Politics of Conflict Management in EU Regulation 32/4: 756-773 (with Eric Seils)

2008                                When ‘No’ Means ‘Yes, But’: Why some Poles Voted Against Enlargement, but for the European Union in the Accession Referendum, Rationality and Society 20/3: 283-310.

2008                                When a Solution Becomes the Problem: The Causes for Policy Reversal on Early Exit from the Labour Force, Journal of European Social Policy 18/4: 366-379 (with Miriam Hartlapp).

2007                                Diffusion und Interaktion in der Arbeitsmarktpolitik. Positive und negative Ansteckungseffekte am Beispiel zweier Reformdiskussionen [Diffusion or Interaction in Labour Market Policy], in: Holzinger, K./ Jörgens, H./ Knill, C.(Hrsg.): Transfer, Diffusion und Konvergenz, PVS Sonderheft 38/2007: 153-179.

2006                                Partisan Politics in Regional Redistribution: Do Parties Affect the Distribution of EU Structural Funds Across Regions?, European Union Politics 7/3: 373-392 (with Thilo Bodenstein).

2006                                New Politics in German Labour Market Policy? The Implications of the Recent Hartz Reforms for the German Welfare State, West European Politics 29/1: 90-112. (with Oliver Bruttel)

2005                                Tax Mixes, welfare states and employment: tracking diverging vulnerabilities, Journal of European Public Policy 12/1: 1-22.

2002                                Political Economy of Infrastructure Investment Allocation. Evidence from
a Panel of Large German Cities, Public Choice 113: 403-424 (Andreas Stephan).


Contributions to edited volumes


2018                                 When does Policy Diffusion Creat Policy Instability? Some Example from Welfare Policies in Eastern Europe, in Bartory, Agnes/ Cartright, Andrew, Stone, Diane Terminating Transitions, Edward Elgar (with Kristin Makszin).

2017                                State Capacity Building in Latin America, Jahrbuch des Arbeitskreises Handlungs- und Entscheidungstheorien, Deutsche Vereinigung für Politikwissenschaften, Springer VS: Wiesbaden, 33-57.

2015                                Fiscal Consolidation and Fiscal Performance in Germany, in Eisaku Ide y Gene Park (ed.): Deficit and Debt in Industrialized Democracies, Routledge: New York, 44-65 (with Zbigniew Truchlewski).

2013                                Does Europeanisation Lead to Convergence? The Role of the Single Market in Shaping National Tax Policies, JEPP 2010 reprinted in Michael Hill (ed.): Comparative Public Policy, Sage Publications

2013                                Does Europeanisation Lead to Convergence? The Role of the Single Market in Shaping National Tax Policies reprinted in David Howard and Tal Sadeh (ed.): The Political Economy of Europe’s Incomplete Single Market, Routledge.

2009                                Determinants of Regional Transport Investment Across Europe: A Political Economy of Fiscal Federalism, in Nuria Bosch et al. (eds.) Political Economy of Inter-Regional Fiscal Flows: Measurement Determinants and Effects on Country Stability, Studies in Fiscal Federalism and State-Local Finance. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 276-296 (with Andreas Stephan).

2008                                Die politische Ökonomie der EU-Integration am Beispiel der Osterweiterung [The Political Economy of EU Integration Exemplified by Eastward Enlargement] in Selck, Torsten und Tim Veen (Hg.): Die Politische Ökonomie des EU-Entscheidungsprozesses: Modelle und Anwendungen, Wiesbaden: VS Verlag, pp. 29-48 (with Thilo Bodenstein).

2008                                The Weights You Choose, The Odds You Get: Using Different Spatial Weights. The Example Of Labor Market Policies, in: Concepts & Methods, IPSA newsletter of the Standing Group on Concepts and Methods 10-14.

2005                                Der Einfluss postmoderner Ansätze auf die Theorieentwicklung in den Internationalen Beziehungen [The Influence of Postmodern Thinking on the Evolution of Theory in International Relations], in Marcel Lepper et al. (Hg.): Jenseits des Poststrukturalismus?, Frankfurt a. M., Peter Lang, pp. 203-224. (with Monika Heupel)

2004                                Die Messung von Brutto- und Nettosozialleistungen [The Measurement of Gross and Net Social Expenditures], in Forum der Bundesstatistik. Die Ökonomische Leistungsfähigkeit Deutschlands, Bestandsaufnahme und internationaler Vergleich, Vol. 44, Wiesbaden: Stat. Bundesamt, pp. 150 – 172.

2003                                The Political Economy of Support for Eastward Enlargement. Job Loss, Institutions, and Political Alienation in Central and Eastern European Countries in José Manuel Caetano (Hg.), The European Union Enlargement – Social and Economic Impacts, Évora, Centro de Documentação Europeia, pp. 33-50.



Working Papers


2016                                Feet of Clay? The Political Economy of Adopting and Abolishing Private Pensions, Centre for Policy Studies, Central European University Budapest, Working Paper Series 2016/3.

2015                                Evaluating the Evaluator: When and How Does the World Bank Evaluate Its Projects in the Western Balkans, Centre for Policy Studies, Central European University Budapest, Working Paper Series 2015/5 (with Albana Rexha)

2013                                A Paradox of Redistribution in International Aid? The Determinants of Poverty-Related Aid of Major Bilateral Donors, GR:EEN Working Paper No. 43(with Thilo Bodenstein)

2013                                From Convergence to Diffusion: The EU’s Influence on National Tax Systems, GR:EEN Working Paper No. 42.

2011                                From Convergence to Diffusion: The EU’s Influence on National Tax Systems, CEUR Working Paper No. 1, CEU Budapest. Also published as ACES Cases, No. 2011.2 EU Center of Excellence, Washington DC (

2009                                How Labour Ended Up Taxing Itself: The Political Consequences of a Century of Self-transformation of the German Welfare State. SFB TransState Working Papers No. 080/2009.

2008                                Ripples in a Rising Tide. Why some EU regions receive more structural funds than others Harvard University, Center for European Studies Working Paper Series #157 (with Thilo Bodenstein).

2008                                Speeding Up, Down the Hill: Why the EU accelerates Corporate Tax Competition SFB TranState Working Papers No. 078 (with Philip Genschel und Eric Seils)

2008                                Determinants and Productivity of Regional Infrastructure Investment, European Investment Bank Papers 13 (with Andreas Stephan).

2007                                The End of Work or Work without End? The Role of Voters’ Beliefs in Shaping Policies of Early Exit, WZB Diskussionspapier SP I 2007-108

2006                                Diffusion und Interaktion in der Arbeitsmarktpolitik? Positive und negative Ansteckungseffekte am Beispiel zweier Reformdiskussionen, WZB Diskussionspapier SP I 2006-119

2004                                Die politische Ökonomie der EU-Osterweiterung. Ein Überblick über die Forschungsliteratur mit Kommentaren, Ezoneplus Working Paper No. 4.

2003                                Die Rolle des Wohlfahrtsstaates in der Entwicklung unterschiedlicher Dienstleistungssektoren, WZB Diskussionspapier SP I 2003 – 108.

2003                                The Social Dimension of Ezoneplus. Of reshaping policies, social conflicts and political consequences, Ezoneplus Working Paper No. 13.

2003                                Regional Input on the social dimension of Ezoneplus: Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Austria and Germany, Ezoneplus Working Paper No. 13C.

2002                                The Employment Effects of Welfare State Taxation. An Empirical
Assessment for 18 OECD Countries, MPIfG Diskussionspapier 08/02, Max-Planck-Institut für Gesellschaftsforschung Köln.

2002                                The Social Dimension of Eastward Enlargement, in Bolle, Michael/ Jacobsen, Hanns-D. (Ed.): The Eastward Enlargement of the Eurozone. State-of-the-Art Report, Ezoneplus Working Paper No. 2, 82 – 93.

2001                                Die Messung des Sozialstaates. Beschäftigungspolitische Unterschiede der Brutto- und Nettosozialleistungsquote, WZB Diskussionspapier FS I 01 – 201.





2017fc.                           Brexit and its consequences for the politics of tax competition in Europe (with Thomas Rixen)


2013                                Cyprus and tax havens

2012                                On Structural Funds with Thilo Bodenstein:

2012                                On Structural Funds with Thilo Bodenstein:

2011                                On Body Height and Success in Football with Chris Anderson





Fc.                                   Book review on Brynjolfsson, E., & McAfee, A. (2014)’s The Second Machine Age in Czech Sociological Review.

2015                                Iluminando el mundo nocturno. Lo que revelan los datos satelitales sobre la economía y política en México (Illuminating the noctural world. What satellite data reveals about the politics and economics in México), U GOB. Tecnología en Gobierno no. 4: 33-35.

2015                                Book review on Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century in Politische Vierteljahresschrift 1/2015: 136-141.

2014                                Book review on Kurtz, Marcus: Latin American State Building in Comparative Perspective. Social Foundations of Institutional Order in Politische Vierteljahresschrift 2/2014.

2014                                Comparative analysis of doctoral education in Political Science and Related Fields, Report for CEU DSPS, CEU Budapest (with Norbert Sabic).

2013                                Book review on Patrick Emmenegger, Silja Häussermann, Bruno Palier and Martin Seeleib-Kaiser: The Age of Dualization. The Changing Face of Inequality in Deindustrializing Societies, Sociologický časopis / Czech Sociological Review 49 (6): 999-1001.

2013                                Strategy on Policy-Research Methodology and Quality Control, GLPS Think Tank, Kosovo.

2009                                Martin Höpner, Armin Schäfer: Die politische Ökonomie der europäischen Integration, book review in PVS 50(4), pp. 871-874.

2007                                Ken Binmore: Natural Justice, book review in PVS 2007.

2005                                Steuern und Beschäftigung. Ein empirischer Vergleich von OECD-Ländern, WZB Mitteilungen 109, pp. 18-21.

2004                                Steffen Ganghof: Wer regiert in der Steuerpolitik? Einkommenssteuerreform zwischen internationalem Wettbewerb und nationalen Verteilungskonflikten, book review in PVS 2004, pp. 613-4.

2001                                Sozialstaat – neu definiert. Unterschiede zwischen Brutto- und Nettosozialleistungsquote, WZB Mitteilungen 92, S. 3-5.


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