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2010 –                                GREEN. Europe’s Role in the Emerging Global Order.
Sponsor: EU DG Research, 7th framework project
Status: collaborator

2010                                   Title: Das Ende der Arbeit oder Arbeit ohne Ende? Von den sozioökonomischen Ursachen zu den politischen Wirkungen des Fehlschlusses vom Ende der Arbeit. [The End of Work or Work Without End? From the socioeconomic origins to the political effects of the lump of labour fallacy]
Sponsor: VW Stiftung, Schumpeter Fellowship
Position: Project Leader

2007                                   Title: Politico-Economic Determinants of Public Infrastructure Investments
Sponsor: European Investment Bank
Position: Co-Author

2002 – 2004                     Title: The Eastward Enlargement of the Eurozone
Sponsor: EU Commission
Position: Project Researcher and Coordinator

2000 – 2003                     Title: New Labor Market Statistics Project
Sponsor: Ford/ Rockefeller Foundation
Position: Project Researcher

2000 – 2001                     Title: Employment Effects of Different Regimes of Welfare State Funding
Sponsor: Max Planck Institut für Gesellschaftsforschung, Köln
Position: Author

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