Blog Post on Giving Feedback #TeachingMethods #HigherEd

I wrote a post on the excellent blog of Arbeitskreis Hochschullehre (German Political Science Association). It is in German only, but here is a short summary in bullet points.

  • Two types of feedback: summative (often for grading) or formative (as a learning exercise).
  • Both types of feedback typically given individually
  • Especially for formative feedback it is better to give feedback in the whole group.
  • Feedback in group leads to group learning rather than individual learning.
  • Especially for presentations helpful, but also for term paper.
  • Feedback in group needs to be carefully designed to avoid conflicts.
  • But this is no problem as long as basic etiquette is guaranteed (politeness etc.)
  • Such feedback is also efficient for the course instructor because he or she does not have to repeat similar comments endlessly.

See the blog post here or here for further details.


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