Symposium on the Politics of Labour Market Inequality

Silja Häusermann, David Rueda and I launched a symposium debate in Political Science Research Methods on the Politics of Labour Market Inequality. We discuss the relevance of research on labour market stratification, segmentation, insider-outsider theories and dualization for broader discussions in political science: mobilization, voting behaviour and public policy making.

Please find the introduction to the symposium here. We have contributions from Marius Busemeyer and myself on conceptual stretching in the literature on dualization (link), Georg Picot and Paul Marx (link) on the conceptualization of insiders vs. outsiders, and Tim Vlandas on the empirical veracity of different measurements (link). Silja Häusermann (link) and Hanna Schwander (link)  discuss the political implications of labour market inequality, whereas Philipp Rehm looks at the broader picture of welfare state change.




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