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PhD scholarships in Political Economy and related fields of political science, CEU Budapest

Please help me spread the word about fully-funded PhD scholarships in Political Economy and other fields of Political Science, from CEU Budapest, starting Fall 2013. For further info click here.

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How to teach economics vs. Dilbert (with Dilbert winning)

I have recently given a talk (Kemmerling_Presentation) on the problems of teaching standard 101 economics to policy students.

In the talk I revisit some common deficiencies in the standard teaching in economics: too little theoretical diversity (especially comparing 101 econ with advances in the field), too little empirics and methodological diversity (if at all, exclusively regression based), too little normative diversity (underplaying the true normative complexity of economic decision making). I plead for making economics a softer science and for taking away illusions of grandeur and, as some would call it, physics envy.

But Dilbert is much better: Dilbert comic strip on macroeconomics

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